Translations is a series of works in Japanese paper, shellac, and gold leaf.

I can say "Thank You" in about 30 languages. In some of them, this expression means "You have my gratitude." In others, "I am obligated." In others, the term is so old that even at its etymological root it just means "Thanks!" 

In this series, I am translating process-based artworks by my colleagues across media to see how they change. At some points, just like translating a poem, tensions arise. How to translate a "Thanks!" that bears no gratitude or obligation? The paper is translucent, two sided; how to translate a tessellated gesture on canvas across two sides of a sheet of paper? Where the Japenese paper, shellac, and gold leaf cannot adhere to the original process, I do my best to resolve the issue. Where they present opportunities , I pursue them.

This series is an exercise in interpretation, invention, and shifting perspective.


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photos by Fabrice Strippoli